RES 2020 Digital Plan

Catoosa County Schools:  Ringgold Elementary School

Digital Learning Plan Extended Closure

Catoosa County Public Schools provides a Digital Learning Plan designed to provide students with access to learning during inclement weather days or other school closures.The goal is to provide continuous learning for all students.

Device Distribution

  • Ringgold Elementary School will provide a chromebook and charging cord for each student to use with daily lessons.   

  • A letter from Superintendent Reese to parents includes a Student Chromebook Acceptable User Guidelines agreement will come home with the chromebook on the first day.  This form needs to be completed by both student and parents and sent back to school.

  • Parents will be informed about the instruction that will take place online through letters, parent contact platforms (i.e. Class DOJO, Remind, Class Tag, etc,) and the Ringgold Elementary Website.

  • Teachers and staff have assisted with the preparation of devices for home use. All teachers have Google Classrooms set up with activities/assignments to complete at home, and a process is in place to add more activities if the need arises. (See delivery of instruction below.)

  • Teachers will send login sheets for all students for the platforms in use if needed.

  • Please have your student charge the chromebook each night when he/she goes to bed. 

  • In the morning, he/she should bring the chromebook and charging cord to school with him/her to use during the school day.

Delivery of Instruction & Monitoring of Student Learning 

Where do I find the assignments for Digital Learning Days?

All students will have access to each of their teachers’ Google Classrooms. Students will receive assignments through Google Classroom each day. Learning activities will be for Reading, Math, Writing, Science, Social Studies, Interventions (Lexia, iReady, and Reading Plus), PE, Music, STEAM, Guidance, and Media research. Specific instructions will be provided for each assignment.  Some teachers may send home paper copies, too.

How long should my child spend on each assignment?

Assignments in Google Classroom will vary depending on the nature of the material. Students should spend no more than 30-45 minutes per assignment.  Teachers will be mindful about the amount of assignments being made each day in order to keep the total work time to no more than 2 hours.  

How do I communicate with my child’s teacher?

Parents can communicate with teachers by sending and receiving messages through email, Class Dojo, Class Tag, or via Google Classroom. Please email the homeroom teacher if you are not already set up for these communication apps. Teachers will be monitoring student progress and will be available to answer questions and address concerns. Through Google Classroom, teachers will be able to view student work and give feedback to students.

Supportive Services

Students Receiving Reading or Math Support:

All teachers providing reading and/or math support will be providing lessons via their Google Classroom account.  They will be available during school hours to answer questions or provide more support.

Students with an IEP:

All teachers connected to these students will monitor assignments and offer support during school hours.  Co-teachers are connected to the Google Classroom of their classes.

Case managers will conduct scheduled IEP meetings through phone conference or online sessions during the extended closure period.  

Students Involved with Extracurricular Activities:

Connections’ teachers as well as all extracurricular club sponsors have Google Classrooms, Class Dojo or Remind accounts.  They will utilize these communications 

Request for School Counselor Services:

The school counselor will also monitor her Google Classroom account during school hours.  Please submit a request for her to contact you via Google Classroom or by email at [email protected] You can may also contact Mrs. Erwin, Principal, at [email protected] or Mr. McMurry, Assistant Principal, at [email protected] 

School Support Contacts

Chromebook Related Issues: 


School Technology Specialist: Tina Hay [email protected]


School Media Specialist:  Allison Crawford [email protected] 


Academic Coach:  Myra Robbins [email protected]


Intervention Lead Teacher:  Michelle Hope [email protected]

Principal: Kim Erwin [email protected]

Assistant Principal:  Daniel McMurry [email protected]

Counselor:  Ann Elrod  [email protected]

School Nurse:  Emily Albritton  [email protected]

School Secretary:  Denise Lusk  [email protected]