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Shanaya Thompson

School Counselor

B.S. Psychology, M.Ed School Counseling

(706) 935-2912 ext. 2506

Hello! My name is Shanaya Thompson, and I am the new School Counselor here at RES! I want to welcome you to the 2018-2019 school year! This year will be filled with a great deal of growth for your child -Academically, Developmentally, Emotionally, as well as learning the "RINGGOLD WAY'! I will look forward to watching your child succeed, and I am available to help them when there are bumps along the way. It is exciting to be a part of their lives as they become leaders within our school and community, and I look forward to sharing that with you. Listed below is some information regarding our School Counseling Program. Additional details and information will be sent home throughout the school year. If at anytime you have questions, please do not hesitate to contact me.

1) A.C.E.S. Lessons in the Classroom: A.C.E.S. stands for ACADEMIC,CAREER, EMOTIONAL, and SOCIAL. Each month your child’s class will have a brief A.C.E.S. lesson through a program called "Second Step' (see attached) with the School Counselor. Also, all students will learn about the Georgia career clusters for their grade, and 5th grade students will complete a career project demonstrating research about a possible future career choice. Other lesson topics may include skills for study/focus at school, maintaining positive self-esteem, developing healthy peer relationships and withstanding negative influences such as bullying or conflicts, or making the choice to say no to drugs.

2) Individual Counseling: As a licensed school counselor, I am able to offer counseling to students individually when a need arises and at the parents request. Additionally, I am available to consult with parents, coordinate services with outside providers (counselors, doctors, etc.), and make appropriate referrals to outside providers as well. Please contact me directly if you feel your child may benefit from such counseling.

3) Group Counseling: Topical group counseling sessions will be offered this school year at specific times outside of instructional hours, and may include relevant themes such as family changes (divorce), grief and loss, new students, self-esteem, or dealing with worry/anxiety. These groups will be offered based on demand, and will be first come first served by parental permission.

4) Lunch Bunch: There will be opportunities where your child can cash in their GOLDEN TICKETS to get to each lunch with me in my classroom with a small group of friends during the school year. During this time, kids are encouraged to share through icebreaker/mixer type games, or simply enjoy conversation with peers. This can give me an opportunity to get to know your child better as well as provide students opportunities to practice social skills such as talking quietly, not interrupting, relating to peers as well as being rewarded for doing the Ring GOLD way!