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Fall Book Fair 2017

Ignatius Poem

Ignatius Dream

Ignatius Rap

Irish Music
Celtic Instrumental

Created Maps
Highest Peaks in each state

Bigfoot and UFO sightings

European Exploration

Civil War Battles

Shipwrecks around the world

Meteor Craters on Earth

GA Book 2017 2018
Catoosa County Public Library
Catoosa County Public Library

If we don't have what you are looking for, then check out your local public library.  Learn about story times, special performances and events held at the library.

Elementary Citation Maker
Elementary Citation Maker

Use this site to help with giving credit to the sources you used for research purposes.

Chris Rumble

Author Chris Rumble has visited our school in the past. 

We LOVE Chris Rumble!

Michael Finklea

Michael Finklea visit our school Oct. 17, 2013! Visit his site to learn more about his books!

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Allison Crawford

GA Book Awards
The Official GA Book Award Site

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